Brian and Cathy's ~ Photo Album:

Thank you all for attending our wedding. It was truly a magical weekend and we feel honored that you could share it with us.

These are photos from our engagement weekend in 2007

Brian & Cathy 2007 Engagement Weekend

This next album is a just a small sample of the photos from our
professional photographer ~ Viktoria Ciostek
Thanks again Vikki!

Brian & Cathy
Wedding Day
October 24th, 2008
-Professional Portfolio-

Here are photos from friends and family taken during our wedding weekend. Thanks to Angie, Carol, Chuck, Joe, and Tina for taking these photos.

Friends & Family Photos

The wine tour that weekend was a fun & eventful time : )
Wedding Wine Tour

~ La Luna Di Miele ~
"The Honeymoon" :)

As most of you know, Cathy is a teacher so we delayed our honeymoon until this Spring (2009). We recently returned from Italy. This is just a small sample of over 500 photos and 22gb of HD video we took.
Florence, Italy

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre , Italy

Grazie Mille! everyone

We may post some additional higher resolution photos and artistic renderings soon. You may just find yourself :)